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Over thirty years before the start of the series, Ford recorded and compiled a variety of spells and information on enchanted items of Gravity Falls within Journal 2 following the completion of Journal 1.Out of paranoia that he was being watched, he hid his three books in various areas of the town, choosing to bury Journal 2 near Gravity Falls Elementary.Upon learning the journal was likely buried within the grounds of his rival tourist trap, Stan's Mystery Shack, a rivalry between the two was born.Journal 2 makes its first physical appearance in "The Hand That Rocks the Mabel," when the destruction of the mystic amulet at the hands of Dipper and Mabel leaves Gideon searching for a supernatural method of revenge within the book.They all raced to the kitchen, Gaara stumbling behind quietly."What do you guys want for dinner? Kankuro stuck his out in return and crossed his arms. When it loaded, he sat back and watched with concentration. The two guys, one more girlier than the other, began by making out heavily and groping each other. By then, Sasori had increased the volume, interested. Sasori sighed again, the feeling of shame slowly fading. Being bold, he moved his hand away and went down on the redhead, taking in all of his cock. "Sasori we've all noticed you've been rather cranky lately. Now stop pestering me already."The albino diagonal from him laughed. Look, I bet I could get rid of all that stress for ya! You're always asking and-""Sasori chuckled and smirked, "Knock yourself out." Hook, line, and sinker. "See ya then." He hung up his phone and did a victory dance. Running to the kitchen, he punched in the number for pizza on his phone and made an order for the two. Another finger was inserted and Deidara's body tensed. The gorgeous blond had managed to squeeze him just right. The blond seemed surprised at first before smirking. The blond gasped at the distraction and thrust his hips up at the sensation.Sasori rolled his eyes and grabbed his apron from the towel rack. The redhead tapped the most appealing video and waited for it to load. As he watched the whole display, his face was flushed and his mind was blank. Normally when watching porn, he'd take a shower and go jack off there. The way the girly boy, or uke as he learned, moaned and arched his back was incredibly sexy. Sasori closed the tab and buried his face in his hands. If he hadn't, he wouldn't feel so turned on and ashamed. Grabbing some clothes, the redhead rushed to the bathroom. It was his stupid blond friend with the name Deidara. Closing his eyes, his hand traveled down to his lower half. "Mm~" he moaned around the throbbing flesh in his mouth. He saw his now softening erection and hand covered in a thick white fluid. Without knowing it, he'd later on have more thoughts about fucking Deidara and how much he might like him. As it turned out, Sasori was a major pervert with a thing for his friend. You know you can tell any of us if something is bothering you."Sasori shook his head, "I'm just stressed, okey? It didn't take long for both Deidara and the pizza to show up at his apartment. "Hey, Danna," Deidara spoke up with some embarrassment still lingering on his face. Although it felt great, the distraction could only do so much.I realize my style of writing isn't the best, and you should know that I mainly write for the goodness of Yaoi. I do not take my writing seriously, and mainly just do it as a hobby when bored.

Driven by a hunger for ultimate power, Gideon sought what he believed to be the only remaining book, Journal 1, and unite them to unleash a gateway of unimaginable power. If they had a second income they could pay the bills and afford more things. She said he had enough stress to deal with and the last thing he needed was to add a job. ""Shut the fuck up already, Jashin," Hidan said loudly. Big tits," Hidan grinned, wiggling his eyebrows"No."The albino scoffed, "Come on, Red. Within the small amount of time Sasori had, he had already broke the boy's nose and more than likely left him with serious bruising. The redhead was never one to get excited so easily. "I thought that there was something wrong with me.""It's natural to be curious," Sasori stated. Sasori removed the now flaccid member from his mouth and swallowed the thick liquid in his mouth. If anything, he knew where those fingers were going. He moved his hand up to the head and rubbed him hard."You, brat," Sasori moaned quietly. Let's check," he said before thrusting his fingers deep inside the blond. He heard a chuckle above him and then felt the redhead's hands on his own."Isn't it scarier when you can't see? The blond opened his eyes slowly and stared up at his friend. I wanna see your face."The blond bit his bottom lip and said no more. The blond really didn't like the feelings he was getting from all of this. They were behind on their bills more often than not. She looks pretty fucking easy.""No," Sasori spat."What about that hottie there? The teachers pulled the redhead off of Hidan, but the damage was already done. The woman sighed and pulled up a chair next to her oldest son. I left you money on the counter though, just in case you wanted to order out. Although Sasori and his family struggled over the years, they still had nice things that they had saved up for."" Deidara's bubbly voice called out through the device."Hey," Sasori replied back with almost too much enthusiasm. " He really hoped he didn't come off as over excited to the blond. Well this was a bit weird."You'd never hate me, right? He didn't know if Sasori had wanted him to come in his mouth or not, although he had warned him, so he hoped the redhead wouldn't give him shit about it. How could he deny the blond when he begged like that? Suck," the redhead muttered placing three fingers to the blond's mouth. He didn't know much about sex, but he got the gist. Deidara nodded slightly and absorbed himself in the darkness that he created. Sasori needed to hurry up, so they could be finished. "The redhead groaned, "Temari, apologize now or go stand in the corner.""B-B-But I just wanted to play! After he had cleaned up the livingroom and kitchen, he called for the siblings. "We don't have any turkey." He moved over to Gaara and patted his head, "Maybe another time, kiddo.""What about Temari? Sasori chuckled and patted the dirty blonde's head. Good job."Temari giggled and stuck her tongue out at her brother. The redhead closed his eyes again and began to rub his aching erection again. The blond sucked the rosy head of the cock harshly and jerked the base of the erection in the same way. That boy really knew how to give someone's heart strings a good tug."Yeah, yeah. Hidan growled, "Well, geez, you're a little fucking piece of shit aren't you? ""Hidan, be nice," Konan chided as she smiled at her two artist friends. "I thought maybe you'd like to stay the night or something. Just feeling Deidara's hand on him made him even more excited to actually delve into the boy."I'm going to add another finger," Sasori stated, scissoring the blond's insides. Feeling some pity for the blond, he ran his hand down Deidara's stomach to his arousal. "He wouldn't let me see it."Sasori shook his head and held his hand out for the doll. Temari, apologize to Kankuro."The dirty blonde shook her head and huffed, "No way! But he's the one who is setting a good example." The redhead reached down and patted the dirty blonde's head. "The girl nodded crying into her hands."Stop crying then. And Kankuro," he said turning to the young boy, "I'll fix yours, alright? Now I've got a lot of work to do, so play nice."The two siblings smiled and ran off to their shared bedroom to go play with their youngest brother. He placed the broken doll pieces into his pocket and began to cleaning the living room. Sasori raised an eyebrow and flicked the brunet on the nose. Stressed from home and school."Deidara huffed and rolled his eyes, "You know you can always talk to me about these things! "Sasori rolled his eyes, "I already have two nagging women in my family, brat. Sasori and Deidara both rolled their eyes at the display."The baby hasn't even developed ears yet, you twat," Sasori spat at the albino. A small pool of blood, probably from Hidan's nose, began to seep into the cracks of the floor and stain the very ground they walked on. "You're lucky I'm the school nurse and I got you out of suspension. They'll be gone all weekend, so I have the house to myself," Sasori explained. The redhead's heartbeat slowly began to thump uncontrollably."Yanno...," Deidara muttered trying to be discreet about it. The thumping in his chest continued to grow more rapid as the blond fumbled with his words. " The blond let out an angry huff of air and crossed his arms. It felt ten times better with skin to skin contact. He kept an eye on the blond as he made a muffled groan of pain.

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2 Author: Mal Celebs: Emma Watson Codes: MF, MDom, rape, oral, anal, snuff Summary: The nightmare continues on Emma Watson’s 26th birthday.

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Violence questions included whether a partner insulted or disrespected the participant in front of others, cursed at them, threatened them with violence, shoved them, or threw objects at them.

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Each member of the New York class will receive an award of 0, while each member of the National class may receive vouchers for one or two free dates arranged by It’s Just Lunch (each voucher is valued at 0).

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With a cute picture of Liv and her bump (back when she was pregnant with Milo). #tbt to many years ago when @misslivalittle was preggers with Milo and yesterday welcomed a new baby boy! 💙💙💙💙💙💙 👼 🍼 #Joy #Boy Mama A post shared by Kate Hudson (@katehudson) on Liv's newborn joins Milo, 10, and 7-year-old Gray, the couple's songs from previous marriages. After news broke last month that she was expecting her second child, she covers the latest issue of Already mum to 9-year-old Milo - from her marriage to Royston Langdon - Liv insists that being pregnant has enhanced her relationship with her son."The most fun thing about being pregnant again is having those mom hormones flowing around.